Tell your Anova to start cooking from work, the mall, the gym or anywhere!

For those of you who’ve been wondering when we’ll ever see a WiFi sous vide device, wonder no more! Anova has just announced that they are now taking pre-orders for their WiFi-enabled Precision Cooker!

Most sous vide fans will be familiar with the Anova Precision Cooker and we’ve discussed the Anova extensively with our unboxing and our review of the device. The Anova has always impressed us and we’ve found it’s Bluetooth capabilities very useful when paired with the Anova iOS app.



We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release since Anova announced this WiFi model in January at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. And amazingly, the price difference between the WiFi model and the Bluetooth model is a mere $20 bucks!



From the specifications, it seems like this is the same exact model as the Bluetooth version with the upgrade in its new WiFi capabilities. So to pay $20 more for this added functionality, we definitely think this is a good deal. And you won’t have to wait very long as Anova will ship the pre-oder units this October. Also, Anova fans in other parts of the world outside of the US, you’ll be happy to know that you can order the 220V versions as well!

But hurry, they are taking limited pre-orders now and if you use the coupon code WIFI during checkout, you will receive an additional $50 off! Which means you’ll be buying the WiFi-enabled Anova Precision Cooker for just $149!