Sous vide is fast gaining popularity in kitchens all over the world. We’ll tell you what it’s all about and 5 reasons why it is so awesome!

Sous what? Soose Viday? Soo Viday?

Let’s get the name right. Sous vide is pronounced “soo veed” and it is a french phrase that means ‘under vacuum’. This term comes from the vacuum sealed bags that is the key component of sous vide cooking.

As a article on CNET says, “Sous vide cooking is a great example of Appliance Science, of how a technique enabled by science and designed for commercial use made its way into the home. And, perhaps more importantly, the results taste really, really good.”


Sous vide is a method of cooking food in a water bath. The key characteristic of sous vide cooking is the precise and consistent temperature control over a period of time.

So essentially a sous vide device (also known as immersion circulator or immersion cooker) is basically a thermometer, heater and water circulator, all in one nifty appliance. Using the device, you program and set the temperature of the water bath that you want, and it then does the job of heating and maintaining the water to the set temperature. It keeps the temperature even by circulating the water around in the water bath.

Sous vide cooking has actually been around for more than 40 years and it used to be only used by professional chefs. The reason for that is simple. These devices would cost more than $1,000 each! But with modern technology, the cost of these devices has fallen to something much more within the reach of home chefs like you and me. Prices for sous vide devices have now fallen below $200! Woohoo!

It was the rise of crowd-funding platforms, like KickStarter and Indiegogo, that was the perfect catalyst for a new wave of sous vide devices to hit the market. Starting from 2012, we saw the release of sous devices like Nomiku, Sansaire and Anova. These sub-$200 sous vide devices caused much excitement and they were all over-subscribed on their crowd-funding launches!



Since then, the level of technological development and innovation has picked up even further and we now have another generation of sous vide devices that will be hitting the market soon. Look out for products like the Nomiku WiFi, Paragon and the Meld that will be released in the near future.




So we discussed earlier that sous vide means ‘under vacuum’ in french. So what exactly is under vacuum? The term refers to the food that is vacuum-sealed in a bag before it is cooked.

And why does the food need to be vacuum-sealed in bags? The reason is simple. It is so that the heat in the water bath can transfer to the food in the bag evenly and efficiently.





For me, it’s all about the perfect steak! My perfect steak is a 2 inch cut of ribeye, cooked to perfection, medium-rare. With sous vice, I can get that perfect steak, EVERY SINGLE TIME! It was precisely my quest for the perfect steak that drove me to try sous vide. Indeed, sous vide would prove to be the holy grail for steak lovers like me. And it’s been steak nirvana since, pure bliss…


Let’s get into the specifics of what makes sous vide so great!


1. Sous vide has precise temperature control

  • That means you don’t have to be the human thermostat when you cook. There’s no guesswork involved.
  • Your food is not going to come out undercooked or overcooked. It won’t dry out.
  • And you get consistent results every time!



2. Sous vide’s vacuum seal locks all the good stuff in

  • Because everything is vacuum-sealed in sous vide cooking, it locks in everything! All the juices, all the flavors and all the nutrition value!
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3. Sous vide is great for pre-prep

  • If you’ve got a bunch of friends coming over for dinner the next day, you can do all your pre-prep the day before. Sous vide your food, then stick it back into the refrigerator. Just before serving, stick back into the water bath to warm up and you are ready to serve.
  • Sous vide also allows you to juggle several things in the kitchen at the same time. Once the food is in the water bath, you can focus on something else. And even if you overrun the time a little, no problem, with sous vide that won’t be a kitchen disaster.
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4. Sous vide is great for tough cuts

  • Brisket can be really flavorful when cooked well and it is a good example of a tough cut that works well when cooked sous vide. You can get it fork tender every time.
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5. Sous vide is perfect for fish and seafood

  • Fish and seafood can be challenging to cook because there’s only a small window of time to pull it off the fire. Too early, and it’ll be undercooked. Let it go too long, and you’ll be eating chewy and rubbery seafood! With sous vide, your seafood will always be beautifully moist and flavorful.


When you put all these strengths and benefits together, you can easily see why sous vide is taking the world by storm! And now you know why we love sous vide! And we are sure you will too!
Sous vide soon and bon appétit!