The Sous Vide Guys attempt a shot-for-shot remake of ChefSteps' Salmon With Green Pea Mash Recipe!

In 1998 Gus Van Sant paid homage to Alfred Hitchcock with his shot-for-shot remake of the classic thriller Psycho.



In 2015, the Sous Vide Guys do a shot-for-shot remake of ChefSteps’ Salmon With Green Pea Mash Recipe! 

: )

Salmon with Green Pea Mash ([Full HD]).mp4_snapshot_01.44_[2015.05.07_14.58.10]Plated-salmon-top-tight


​Check out our video on YouTube to see how we did! This is our very first cooking video and we hope you like it!


ChefSteps is one of the best online culinary schools and this recipe is featured in their free basic sous vide class called Cooking Sous Vide: Getting Started. 

By and large, we found the recipe easy to follow. The instructions for the sous vide salmon provided a good demonstration of how you can sous vide without a vacuum sealer. The time and temperature guide for the salmon was spot on. The final texture of the salmon was beautifully fork tender and moist.

Salmon with Green Pea Mash ([Full HD]).mp4_snapshot_00.24_[2015.05.07_14.59.13]Salmon-in-water-bath


We were also able to follow the instructions for the peas. And we felt that the sweetness of the peas and the texture really complements the salmon.

Salmon with Green Pea Mash ([Full HD]).mp4_snapshot_00.30_[2015.05.07_15.00.09] Peas-and-butter-tight


And the salmon that emerged from the after the sear was just soooo beautiful… The crunch of the crispy skin next to the moist, tender salmon was just… WOW…

Salmon with Green Pea Mash ([Full HD]).mp4_snapshot_01.22_[2015.05.07_15.00.38] Finished-salmon


However, we should point out that just watching the video is not enough. In order to cook the dish well, you will need to click on the specific links for each component of the recipe.



We did have one issue. We didn’t have an immersion blender and so using a fork to mash up the chives and parsley with the peas was somewhat challenging. If you do not have an immersion blender, then we would suggest that you finely chop these up so that they will be easier to incorporate into the mashed peas.

Salmon with Green Pea Mash ([Full HD]).mp4_snapshot_00.48_[2015.05.07_15.13.48] Peas-about-to-be-mashed


There was also some minor confusion with a couple of discrepancies between the recipe and the video but these weren’t too major.

Most importantly, the recipe was delicious! This was a recipe that my wife and kids kept asking me to ‘remake’! The final dish really looked and tasted like something you would find in a top-notch restaurant. And as long as you’ve had some experience cooking, you shouldn’t have any trouble following the recipe.

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! Go try out the recipe and let us know how yours turn out!

So sous vide soon and bon appétit!

If you’d like to see the Sous Vide Guys cook another recipe from ChefSteps’ Cooking Sous Vide: Getting Started class, drop us a email to let us know or leave us a message in the comments below!

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