GE muscles in on the sous vide market with $149 Bluetooth accessory

GE has just announced (20 Jan 2015) that it will be launching 3 new brands of induction cooktops in May 2015; Café™, Profile™ and Monogram®. The new Café, and Monogram induction cooktops will give the user the ability to have precise heat control with swipe-friendly controls that’s commonly seen on our smartphones and tablets. In addition, sous vide fans will be keen to know that GE have also announced a sous vide accessory that will work with these new induction cooktops.

GE Sous Vide Accessory

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Retailing for $149, this sous vide accessory is essentially a clip-on thermometer attachment that monitors the temperature in the water bath that’s sitting on either the Café™, Profile™ or Monogram® induction cooktops. Using bluetooth, the cooktop then adjusts the water temperature according to your desired setting.

As Chris Naber, manager of research and development for external technologies at GE Appliances says, “Learning a new cooking method can be intimidating,”. He adds, “GE’s sous vide gives aspiring cooks the comfort of knowing it’s tied to GE’s cooktop, one of the most popular and consistent ranges in the industry. You’re not flying solo with a thermometer and a prayer – you’ve got your cooktop working with you.”

GE’s sous vide accessory marks the first sous vide gadget that integrates with a cooktop and this is certainly a interesting development in the burgeoning sous vide industry, especially for home chefs who are keen to try sous vide cooking. “You’ll be able to turn your normal cooktop into a sous vide-capable cooktop,” Naber summarizes. While $149 is certainly good value, it does require you to have one of GE’s new induction cooktop and prices for these start from $1,599 and can go up to $3,099.

One potential downside of GE’s sous vide accessory is that it misses out on one key aspect of sous vide cooking, circulation. While it can monitor and control temperatures in the water bath, it doesn’t have the ability to move that water around and keep the temperature even throughout. Instead, it will rely on the natural movement of the water in the water bath to keep temperatures even.

GE is presently still working on an app that will allow a smartphone or tablet control the sous vide accessory and we’ll be sure to keep you updated once this is released.