We show you how to get the $249 sous vide-ready Paragon Induction Cooktop for only $129!

Feb 3, 2015. Mark that date in your calendar! Better yet, go sign up on their website now!

Cos that’s the day that the Paragon Induction Cooktop will be on sale for a massive 48% discount through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!

The Paragon Induction Cooktop is brought to you by FirstBuild, a subsidiary of GE. You may recall our recent news article about GE muscling in on the sous vide industry through their sous vide accessory that links up to their newly launched range of induction cooktops.


Image source from firstbuild.com

This sous vide accessory is made by FirstBuild and is essentially a clip-on thermometer attachment that monitors the temperature in the water bath, that sits on their range of induction cooktops. Using Bluetooth, the cooktop then adjusts the water temperature according to your desired setting. This sous vide accessory is supposed to retail at $149. But it requires you to have one of GE’s new induction cooktop and prices for these start from $1,599 and can go up to $3,099.

Not any more. On Feb 3rd, you can get FirstBuild’s newly launched Paragon Induction Cooktop together with the same Bluetooth sous vide accessory for just $129! Brilliant!

Being a induction cooktop means the Paragon’s cooktop surface always stays cool to the touch for safe cooking and makes cleaning a breeze. And its compact size makes for quick setup and easy storage. A powerful 1440 W burner heats quickly and brings the water to the required temperature faster than some sous vide immersion circulators.

Image source from firstbuild.com

Image source from firstbuild.com

There’s going to be a iOS/Android app that will provide recipes and through Bluetooth pairing with your mobile device, let you control and set temperatures on your Paragon Induction Cooktop.

So far, we can see only a couple of downsides to this. One is that it misses out on one key aspect of sous vide cooking, circulation. While it can monitor and control temperatures in the water bath, it doesn’t have the ability to move that water around and keep the temperature even throughout. it remains to be seen if the natural movement of the water in the water bath will be enough to do the job.

The second downside is that it requires you to have induction-friendly cookware containing ferromagnetic materials (iron or others with magnetic properties). Basically, if a magnet clings to the bottom of your cookware, then you are fine.

As you can tell, we are excited about this one-day-deal for a great, value-for-money, piece of technology that allows home chefs to get in to sous vide cooking, without breaking the bank. And we also like it cos it’s a multi-use gadget that isn’t just for sous vide. So even if you are not cooking sous vide tonight, it’s still a pretty neat induction cooktop!

To get more information on the Paragon Induction Cooktop or to sign up for exclusive access to the early bird discount, you can click here.

So will you be getting one on Feb 3rd? Let us know!