Remotely set the temp on your sous vide immersion circulator? You can with the WiFi-enabled Anova Touch!

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Anova announced yesterday that it will soon be releasing the Anova Touch, a WiFi-enabled sous vide immersion circulator. Sous vide fans will be familiar with the company’s Anova One and Anova Precision Cooker both of which were huge successes on Kickstarter.


Image source from Anova

The WiFi-enabled feature on the Anova Touch means that you can set your sous vide to cook while you are at work and come home to ready-cooked steak that’s all ready for the final sear.

In addition, there will be design upgrades from the existing models and one nice touch will be the pivoting head that will allow users to view the screen face without having to twist their necks or turn the pot.

Pricing has not been released but if Anova succeeds in keeping the price of this new model competitive, the sous vide community will no doubt snap up this model in a hurry!

The Anova Touch will be released this summer so do look out for it!